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(Advertising Matrix programs are my favorite, so you will see a variety here -- some are prelaunches, new companies -- please remember that 95% of new startups do not make it past 1 year, and only 8% of those that do make it are actually able to make it past the second year.  Also new start up companies always have a lot of buggs to work out -- so you have to be PATIENT, and be willing to be a trailblazer -- as all marketing items are not in place and things are not always perfect in the beginning.  BUT....if you have the staminia for this and you are one of the smart ones that take advantage of first movers advantage of one that actually makes it -- ​you will be set!!!!  Just know that these are not for everyone.  If you need everything to be in place and perfect, then you need to join those companies that are in momentum.)

MBBBE (My Bit BY Bit Empire)  Launched in December of 2017: 
​3x6 Matrix -- Product is advertising credits -- it is a one time fee of $30.00
Still in PreLaunch as of 1/12/18 -- I have been building it for 15 days, and am one of the top leaders currently with 35 ​​​personally sponsored.
No sponsoring neccessary to earn from this -- however, there is a 50% match on your personals commission checks, and with sponsoring 4, you acheive infinity bonuses.
Those in the know will jump on board and promote like crazy!

COINPRESSIONS 1:  Launched in Novemebr of 2017
3x10 Marix -- advertising credits.  25% match on personals!  Monthly fee $29.95​

​​​COINPRESSIONS 2:  Launching in January of 2018​​
​(You MUST be in Coinpressions 1 to qualify to be a part of Coinpressions 2.)

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