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STEP #1  Watch an 11 minute video and educate yourself on WHAT THE WEALTHY BUY ON PAYDAY -- HOW TO CREATE WEALTH ON ANY INCOME.  Watch it several times so you really understand it.  IT IS IMPORTANT.  Next Watch a second video on BRILLIANT COMPENSATION -- about 20 minutes.  Again watch several times so you thoroughly understand it.  You can access these videos for free from two of my lead capture pages.  CLICK HERE for the Tim Sales Movies.  It is vital that you fully understand these two concepts.  The 2 movies are on the right hand side -- click on them to view.

STEP #2 ​​ Watch a 10 minute video (again one of my lead capture pages).  CLICK HERE to watch the Tax Savings Movie.  This is free for you to watch -- and please view it several times so you understand the concept.  The movie is on the right hand side of the page.  Click the box that says WATCH NOW to view the movie.

STEP #3  Schedule a time for your KICK OFF

STEP #4  If you have not downloaded the app yet, please download it now, and begin using it.  Set your site set up.  Register your dream share weeks and explore that site.  Look over the rest of the product sites for your ultimate club package.  Download your benefits package using the information you receive from your initial emails from the company.  Begin using your ultimate club benefits.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH HOW TO SET UP YOUR BENEFITS.

STEP #5  Take a tour of the back office, either with your upline enroller, or watch the recorded version from the back office.  Explore your back office and get to know what you have there.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY RECORDED VERSION OF BACK OFFICE TRAINING.
STEP #6  Begin building your list. This is a very important step and is the first thing you need to begin to work on. Give a copy of your list to your upline enroller so they can help you plan your method of sharing with your warm market. Go to the training link section and watch the recorded session on Making Your List. Please know that we have easy and non threatening ways for you to approach your warm market. We will teach you to ATTRACT -- not ATTACK.  And we will teach you how to get interested prospects calling you.  You will be building a business where you will be speaking only with people who are interested in our company and products and who are asking for more information.  This applies to customer prospects, merchant prospects, connector prospects (those interested in downloading the free mobile app), Non Profit Organizations and people interested in becoming a brand partner.

STEP #7  Make a file (either on your computer and/or a hard copy) with all of your important numbers. This would include your upline enroller, Team New Horizon conference number, Corp conference number, and the corporate sizzle line number.  Save these numbers in your contact list on your cell phone. Go to the menu above and view the Team Calendar. Schedule your personal calendar with the conference calls and webinars that you will be able to attend for the next 90 days.  The first 90 days are your training days...please stretch yourself to get on as many calls and webinars as you can.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY RECORDED TRAINING ON PROPER ETIQUETTE FOR ATTENDING CONFERENCE CALLS, WEBINARS, Q & A SESSIONS.

STEP #8  Begin to schedule 3 ways with your upline. 3 way calls are one of the top secrets to success in this business. Let your upline do the telling and selling for you.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY RECORDED TRAINING ON 3 WAY CALLS AND CLOSING CALLS.

STEP #9  Develop your personalized POA (Plan Of Action) THIS IS YOUR ROAD MAP TO FOLLOW, and is the key to your success. CLICK HERE TO WATCH MY RECORDED VERSION OF HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR POA.  CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE AMAZON LINK FOR MY BOOK ON HOW TO DEVELOP YOUR PERSONALIZED POA.  Answer the questions completely and honestly. Share with your upline enroller and schedule a 15 to 30 minute session to discuss with them.​​​​​ Formulate your POA and share again with your upline enroller -- discuss as necessary.

STEP #10  Visit your local business office supply store (Staples, Office Max, etc) and purchase four (4) 3 ring binders.  Also purchase 2 boxes of 100 sheet protectors, and a box of at least 24 9x12 yellow clasp envelopes (they are cheaper per envelope by the case of 100).  You will also need to pick up a Diary or Journal, and a mileage log to keep in your car.  At home, take the 24 envelopes and use them to set up 2 sets of 12 for your receipts.  Refer to the training on setting up bookkeeping system.  Print out 52 the Weekly Time Management ​​Planner.  Next, click on The Goal and Activity Tracking Sheet and print out 52.  Print out 52 of the Marketing Strategy Tracking Sheet.  You will be able to find these forms under the Training in the Forms section.   CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY RECORDED TRAINING ON ORGANIZING YOUR BUSINESS.

STEP #11  Get your sizzle line set up. CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY RECORDED TRAINING ON THE SIZZLE LINE.  Get your free sizzle line set up. Record your message. Use your sizzle line to market to your warm market, and send the ones who are interested to your viral card and then set them up for a live business opportunity conference call or webinar.  Those who are interested, can be sent to a closing call after the opportunity presentation, or set up to go on a 3 way call. ​​

STEP #12 ​​ Select ONE Marketing Strategy from your POA (which should list 3 to 5 of what you want to use.)  Get the training on that ONE strategy and master it before you add the second one.  If you try to master them all at one time -- you will lose focus and overwhelm yourself.

STEP #13  If your work preference is working on the computer, set up a schedule to watch the training sessions on setting up automated traffic on the computer. There are several sessions, and homework with each one to help you get set up. If your work preference is to work face to face, set up a schedule to watch the trainings on how to utilize belly to belly marketing. If your work preference is to do mailings, set up a schedule to watch the trainings on prospecting with mailing. And if your work preference is to work the phones, set up a schedule to watch the trainings on Dialing your way to success.

STEP #14  Schedule a weekly session with your upline to evaluate where you are and get help with any questions you may have.​​​​  I have a Sunday evening Q & A session at 9:30 PM eastern time, and you may ask any questions you like on any subject or aspect of our business.

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